Saturday, 27 April 2013

Fresh food markets - don't mind if we do

Baby markets last weekend and fresh foodie one this. Since baby bear came along, we've been even more concious I guess of eating well. I've recently opened up to the world - a whole-lot-more-fully - of additives and preservatives that are currently in so many of our foods and maaaaaaan, it's freeeeeeaking me out. I'm trying not to get too overwhelmed, but it is hard not too. Especially once you start digging.

Anyone who is interested, there is soooooo much info out there. As a little start though, I came across a great read when looking in to vegemite this week (I'd heard the other week that it has some bad stuff in it and wanted to check!) - by A Little Delightful which you can see here. Bianca (of A Little Delightful) has some useful insight and facts in there, as well as some particular additives to especially avoid, plus a bit about her own family's journey.

Foodie market

As much as possible and especially where Essie is concerned we're trying to give her a whole food diet and no processed stuff. This week, we decided to try out the Saturday Rocklea Fresh Food markets and picked up our week (at least) of fresh fruit and veges. They have a whole host of fresh foods, as well as your greens, you can pick up meat, fish, bread, cakes, honey, herbs and flowers. Saw a guy selling some lovely extra virgin, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil ($17 for a litre) and celtic salt, a musical instrument man, as well as a little live band and lots of yummy eat now food stalls for breakie, brunch or lunch depending what time you get there. Had heard some people say that the food isn't that good there, but we saw a really good bunch of stuff, for pretty good prices. 

Tonight cooked up some yummy sweetcorn soup with the cobs we picked up there, after Granny bear suggested it yesterday.

Sweetcorn soup

For anyone interested it went something like this. 

800mls of chicken stock (made up earlier this week)
Added to the stock and cooked up:
1 medium sweet potato cut very small until soft
2 spring onions
3 corn cobs - kernels shaved - only takes about 7ish mins to cook
Splash of full fat cream at the end

Quick blitz in the blender once above is cooked. If feeding to baby, would recommend transferring to the mouli, to seperate the sweetcorn skin... can get a bit stuck in the back of the throat. Serve as is, or I added some roast chicken that I'd cooked up and frozen from an earlier meal, to give Essie some protein as well. Mamma and papa bear had there's straight though with some freshly ground pepper. Yum. x

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