Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sweet & sour Saturday

At our local grocery store this week, they had some lovely bunches of rhubarb which I picked up. A fruit... although actually I think it's a vege, that Essie hasn't yet tried. Had a little search on the net this arvo on the best way to cook it up for bubbas - rhubarb can be quite sour and tart and many recipes call for a fair amount of sugar, which I wanted to avoid. I thought by using another fruit, like sweet apples, would be a good way to combat this. After reading a few cooking suggestions online I came across The Veggie Mama for the first time - love her site and her stewed cinnamon, apple and rhubarb..Yummy! I didn't have any rapadura (unrefined) sugar though and so substituted this for some organic maple syrup. Essie LOVED it and I figured why do babies have all the fun, so before freezing the rest, I scooped up a couple of portions for mumma and papa too. Schwwweeeeet Saturday. x

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