Friday, 26 April 2013

This week in food: get your soup on

Been cooking up any yummy foods this week? A few new things on our menu included coconut vege soup, my Grandma's chicken soup - cooked with schmaltz an all (Grandma would have been proud although I left out the kneidlach this time, as I forgot to check for Matzah meal in the local grocery store), a tomato, carrot, celery, pumpkin and courgette pasta sauce and tonight I did a slow cooked chilli con carne, recipe courtesy of Jamie Oliver's America cookbook, but slightly adapted. Bubba bear enjoyed all of the above apart from the chilli, which I didn't give her. Not sure she ready for the HOT stuff yet.

By the way, didn't cook up the dessert in the pic, that was papa Wolf (photo bombing the carne below) bringing us a Friday night surprise home. Glad I not the only one with a schwwweeeeeeeeet tooth around here.

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