Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter bites

Long time, no speak. Hope you had fantabulous Easters. We did, thank you. In an eggshell, this was ours...

1000 kms driving. Traffic jams. Caravan with my name written all over it. Mooloolaba. Great time with great Grandies. Zucchini slice. McDonalds cheeseburger & choc milkshake. Shouldn't admit that. Not proud moment. Hervey Bay. Great Auntie Hil & Uncle Tony. Yay. Steak & salad. Hervey Bay Easter Fair. Churros. Ice cream. Hide and seek: Essie seek, Bella (the cat) hide. Swimming. Uncle Tony's famous home cooked pizzas. Oven died. BBQ'd apple pie! Early morning beach. Seagull spotting. King prawns & vinegar. Afternoon beach walk. Mama & papa dinner date night. LOVE. Forgot wallet. Whoops. Day trip to Woodgate. Cappuccino & chai lattes. Woodgate fair. Fish & chips & steak sandwiches, picnic table, beachfront. Ice cream. Cousins. Scallop pasta. More ice cream. Swimming. Early morning breakie on beach. Paddle. Quick sunbake by pool. Lillianas on the Bay. Swings - beachfront park. Freshly caught seafood by Uncle T and Essie's first time eating fish. Hit! Hil's famous pavlova. Packup + Pav for breakfast. Whoops. Long drive home. Home sweet home.

How did you spend yours?



  1. Sounds like you all had a very busy (and delightful) weekend!

    1. It really was lovely! Hope you had a goodie too :)