Saturday, 23 March 2013


So, where to start? Maybe with a hello and a big warm welcome. I'm a blog virgin, I've not really read many, but I've heard they're all the craze and so thought I might join in. I have a bit more time, well sort of... to do this, as I'm a fairly new mumma to a beautiful 8-point-something-month-old little bear, Esme (ES ME as it sounds by the way, not ES MAY). So, my set up... I live with bubba bear and papa bear - my lovely fiancĂ© Simondo in SE QLD, Australia (that's us below). Although I'm originally from England.. a born and bred Londoner. I'm used to working, so it's been quite a big turn around really going from busy working ladyee to busy stay at home mum. Anyway I love to talk, and thought some of you maybe interested in my stuff, so the dialogue begins here... <3

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