Monday, 25 March 2013

Pearly whites

It was a very special day in the FW household today as not only did our little Esme bear try Japanese for the first time (the nori with steamed veges went down super dooper well) but our little bean also sprouted her first tooth. Our gorgeous little gummy bear... is no longer all gummy. Sooooooooo going to miss that beautiful, beaming, gummy smile, but at the same time felt so proud and so did papa bear on seeing and welcoming the new arrival.

Now the hard stuff starts... cleaning of the tooth. Funny how babies want to put everything in their mouths... except for when you want them too... like toothbrushes, for tooth brushing, for instance. We've sort of been planning for this though, and gave Essie a toothbrush to play with/suck/chew, to get used to it.

However, we'd been waiting to break open our new Jack and Jill ( silicone finger brush, which is brilliant. Much easier to use and to get to that teeny, weeny, pearly white.

G'night readers - I'm off to brush mine. X

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