Monday, 25 March 2013

Day in the life of a bubba feed

What's on the bubba food menu today? Often it's a bit more exciting than what's on ours. For breakie we' started with pear and apricot. We always keep it fruity in the morning. Decided to ditch the rice cereal and Weetbix for the next few days as I think it might be causing some blockage and we like free flowing poo in this house. Well, you know what I mean. I never give Esme too much cereal anyway, probably around a tablespoon, or 1 and a half, but I do find it's a good way to give her a bit more milk. Being a breastfeed baby I always worry she doesn't get enough of the white stuff.. there's just no way of knowing. Still, she seems to be doing good.. not a week's gone by, apart from when she first popped out, where she's not gained weight. Then we'll be lentiling for lunch, with a little yoghurt and steamed apricot for dessert, and a vege medley for dinner..sweet potato, courgette and tomato with some crumbled nori. Not tried the crumbled nori before but apparently it's a rich source of protein and has lots of lovely minerals. So, we'll see how that goes down.

Generally Essie bear is a great little eater. We try and give her lots of variety of home cooked, home steamed, home casseroled food, with some mixed-up raw fruits. We've so far avoided any of the pre-cooked stuff. In fact we, or should I say I, went a bit nuts at first and just streamed up a whole array of things from your single purées - soooooo much potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, butternut squash, carrot parsnip, swede  courgette, brocolli, peas, spinach, tomatoes with butter, pepper and then apples, pears, peach, apricot and even got all fancy on myself and made an apple and raisin compote with orange juice.. to which papa bear did say, you've never made me a compote. See I actually don't really like cooking. Well it's not that, it's just that it doesn't come oh so natural. I need recipes. Yes even for a single purée. So Essie bear has it in her to make me a better cook! Watch this space.

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