Thursday, 18 April 2013

Mumma's meeting

Weekly mother's meeting at our place today and I've attempted to make a cake. This is the 2nd cake I've ever made completely on my own. It's not hard.. well, according to the recipe and hopefully it will be a success. The hardest bit was sieving the wholemeal flour.. it took ages, could have used plain as per the recipe, but the perils of being 'healthy'. I won't mention the butter and sugar added.  Meanwhile, bubba awake and she can hardly be left for a second, due to her new found skill of climbing (so clever this kid!)... washing waiting to be hung up and mamma still in her PJs...did manage to clean the kitchen, although lunchtime now, so won't stay clean for long. Righto, must dash. Til later. Mwwwaah. x

Uno apple & sultana cake

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