Thursday, 18 April 2013

LFW's mumma-to-be reading list

One of my old besties Campus, asked the other day, for a friend of hers, any must read pre-bubba/pregnancy books. I've kept the reading list short cos you can totally be overwhelmed with info and if you don't feel like reading anything, don't bloody bother. But just in case, here's my little low-down in no particular order:

Kaz Cooke's Up the Duff
I loved Kaz Cooke's Up the Duff, as well as having some useful info, it will make you laugh out loud. This is 'The Real Guide to Pregnancy'. It features everything from weeing and bosoms to nausea and stretchmarks. You won't get inundated with too much blurb, that goes in one ear and mostly out the other (baby brain is real you know!). It has a great week by week guide, so you can read it as your preg/baby bump progresses. You'll be sharing your pregnancy with Hermonie - The Modern girl's diary. Hermoine is part Kaz, part other people, part me and probably part you to be. Good fun + informative read = winner!

Juju Sundin's Birth Skills
Next up is Juju Sundin's Birth Skills. I'm not sure if anything really prepares you for labour. It is one of those big unknowns really, until you're there doing it. We're all so different and it could pan out any way. The key I think is, try not to worry, be open and just go with it. Yeah yeah Little Feather Wolf, easy for you to say... so don't listen to me, I've only done it once, but maybe listen to Juju. I found this a really empowering book. From it you'll learn what happens to your body during labour (good to know what's going on), techniques to get you through and how to turn the frightenedness (it is a bit scary quite frankly) in to a positive action...'good pain'.. yes such a thing exists apparently, plus info for your birthing partner.. make them read it too.

Bruce Lanksky 100,000 Baby Names
Everyone needs a good baby name book. We had fun reading Bruce Lanksky's 100,000 Baby Names. This is a super fun activity, I think. With soooooooooo many names out there, where to start, where to start? A good name book can give you inspiration and it's fun reading all the meanings.

If you want something really cool though, check out the net.I mean, how original is Flompy G, Sharkman, Tulip Teeth and Blunt Gordon. Papa Wolf found these beauties when we were looking. Luckily for our little bean Esme, we chose Esme, although Tulip Teeth Feather Wolf does have a gorgeous ring to it, don't you think?

Tizzie Hall's Save our Sleep

Tizzie Hall's Save Our Sleep is a bit like Marmite (English Vegemite). LOVE it or HATE it. Although saying that, I'm a bit more down the middle - so there goes that theory - but I do veer towards a strong like. In the book you'll find sleep routines from birth to 2 years of age, for breast and bottlefeed bubbas, advice on weaning, case studies and answers to questions you may find yourself asking. A great little sleep and routine guide, we found, to the big wide world of unknowness you enter, at the beginning of (and whole of!) parenthood. Sure we can attribute Essie's super evening sleep routine, which is bed at 7pm everynight and has been since she was teeny weeny, to the tips we got from this book.

Selection of mama and bubba mags
If you don't feel like doing the whole book thing, you can always pick up some good mumma and bubba mags, put your feet up - good excuse too - and enjoy a light read. Might pick up some useful info too, not that you'll remember it. Keep some by the loo as well, you'll be spending a fair amount of time there over the next 9 months!


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