Wednesday, 1 May 2013

8 foods we should always buy, apparently!

I am feeling rather bloody proud of myself right now and it's kinda by accident. Apparently, according to Dr Alejandra Carrasco, who I found on Mind, Body and Soul's website, there are 8 foods that we should always buy and without even realising it, this household is doing just that. Read her interesting article here and see how we fare below.

1. Avocados 

In our place, you will usually find avocados - you can't beat a good home made guacamole, although I'm ashamed to admit that I had to throw 2 away today. I went to do an avo concoction for Essie's lunch and they'd gone super soft and brown, d'oh. We hardly ever, ever waste food like that, but they were neglected, due to all of the other new foods we've been eating and trying this past week. Very upset.

2. Berries 

We always have a box of blueberries in the freezer. These are mainly used for breakie - porridge and the odd smoothie. Sometimes as a solo fruit, other times with bananas. Whereas Essie has been eating her berries with apple and rice.

3. Cruciferous veges 

Tonight we had a yummy cauliflower, brocolli, potato, spring onion, caper, basil and feta salad. I also made a cauliflower cheese for the bubba a few weeks ago and always try and steal a few teaspoons of that when I can.

4. Coconut oil 

I really think we must have been one of the last to know about the benefits of coconut oil. Seriously a few weeks ago I had no clue how super this produce was/is. That was then and now, we've started using it loads and practically most days. Can most certainly tick this one on the list.

5. Fermented foods

Well this is a newy and funnily enough a couple of months ago Papa Wolf picked up a tub of kimchi from one of the local Asian stores in the city. This was my first time eating it and we just finished it off last week. Yummmmy rotten cabbage.

6. Leafy greens


I'm proud to say, and Popeye would be impressed, there's not a week goes by where we don't buy a big bag of spinach and devour it. Also picked up some kale on the weekend at the markets to try.

7. Eggs

We eat a lot of eggs in this house. As we all know I'm the recipe queen, however eggs or should I say omelette's are the only thing I can do freestylee and I really do whip up a mean one, almost pizza-esque. As a result we have eggy omelettes every week. I was particularly spoilt too this weekend, when Papa Wolf whipped up a a lime and coconut brûlée. Maaaaaan I love eggs. 

8. Turmeric

Have been using Tumeric a lot more again lately, since my book love affair with Wholefood for Children. This week in my Baby Kichari.

8 out of 8, wooohooooo. Knowledge is power hey. What about you?


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