Monday, 13 May 2013

Piglet lowdown

It's been a little while since we discussed our weekly food menu, so in short, it's been something like this over the past couple of weeks...

Vege and coconut dahl. Lamb shanks cooked with apple. If you've never tried that combo, you must, it's sooooooooo good. First time I tried it, was a Gordon Ramsay recipe: roast leg of lamb though, not shank, cooked with apple, honey and cider.... OMG it's great, but this one I made was more Jude Blereau than Gordon and much more suitable for little bears (no booze and honey). Fresh whiting cooked in butter (papa bear made!) with my broccoli, cauliflower, caper and feta salad on the side. Slow cooked grass fed beef casserole. Cheese on toast with home-made, but brought from school fete, pineapple chutney. Two lunches in a row cos couldn't resist. Nigella's easy peasy mushroom, lemon and thyme linguine. I used fresh lemon thyme growing in the garden and I always throw in a ton more mushrooms. I love that fungi! Matar keema (super easy minced lamb curry). Tasmanian Rib Eye fillet from Super Butcher. Good prices if you buy in bulk and are in the area! Broccoli, potato and stilton soup, made with my first ever fresh vege stock. Mother's Day buckwheat and ricotta pancakes, with maple syrup (thanks Papa Wolf). Essie enjoyed a few cut off strips of this too, cept for she had hers with some organic butter. Essie's also been getting in to the whole egg thing a lot more. According to my friend Jude (I love Jude!), they're deeply nourishing and so I've been boiling an organic egg, depending on the size, we brought some large ones and mixing the egg yolk (discarding the whites, well I've been eating them!) with the likes of roasted sweet potato and a little coconut oil one day, the whiting, broccoli, potato and cauliflower mash up another and today combined with warmed beetroot, carrot and ginger. The little bear's also now tried and had sardines. Mixed up with a little yoghurt  lemon, fish sauce and ghee, which lessens the crazy fish flavour and is delish. Turned in to finger food, when spread on wholemeal toast and cut in to soldiers. In fact we've been really going for the finger foods. Other feeding herself items include: steamed sugar snap peas and broccoli, cheese, banana and watermelon. 

Let's hope this love affair of brocolli continues

Bear enjoying some buckwheat

Think this kinda sums things up. I'm not telling you all the ordinary things we've had, like eggs on toast, or left over soup for dinner tonight followed by a whole block of red Lindt. Whoopsie!

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