Monday, 20 May 2013

Sweet as and still nutricious

Happy Monday y'all! LFW have been cooking up some sweet treats over the past week. Some for bubba bear, some for mamma and papa bear and some to share. It's gone something like this, plus a little organic info I've found out along the way:

Organic butter

Everyday zucchini bread (as reported last week). Buckwheat and coconut milk pancakes. Slight variation on last week's. Soooo delish - with natural yoghurt spread on and raw honey drizzled on top. Bubba bear had a couple of strips with organic butter on hers. Good fat apparently, such as butter, is an essential macronutrient for growing bubs. It can easily damage and stores any chemical or pesticide so it's one of the more important things to buy organic if you can. It's blooooooooooooody expensive. So, we mainly only use it for Essie. What's a bit of fat damage between parents!!

Sulphur free apricots

Finally managed to purchase some preservative free dried apricots as well. Been looking in our local supermarkets for weeks... a sure sign of the ones to avoid are any that are bright orange. Dried apricots should be dark, more brownish in colour than orange. To keep them orange they put in sulphur dioxide, a substance that can trigger asthma. I ended up buying some online from Daintree Organics. Dried apricots are really nutritious - rich in iron, potassium and betacarotene. It also has some laxative properties... which means you could try using a little dried apricot, instead of pear if your bubba (or anyone in the family) is in need of a poo! So, best make sure I don't overdo it, now I've found some.

Pesticide free apples

To kick start Essie's dried apricot experience I stewed a handful with some organic apple. Again, will only use organic apples for the bear, since finding out that your bog standard apple has more pesticide residue on it than any other fruit or vege... as many as 48 types apparently.

Other dried fruit dish I made up was a quinoa, apricot and banana concoction. Yummmmmmmmmmmy for big and small.

Essie also at last got to try a home-made custard. A baked coconut and banana one. Two for Essie, one for mamma and papa to share! Well, we had to 'taste' to make sure it was ok.

A brand new ingredient we also tried last week was raw cacao (bean like seed that cocoa and chocolate are made from). Cacao is according to some another superfood, jam packed with antioxidants. Papa Wolf put together a cacao milk for us! Be careful with this stuff though, I don't think you need much, I felt like I'd had a triple espresso after it. I think PW might have needed to hold back on the portion size when serving for moi.

Last but not least, PW whipped up Dan & Steph's frangipane tart last night, packed with pistachios and pomegranate on top. Quite enough sweet treats for us I think. That should most definitely keep us going until.... tonight!

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